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If you’re thinking about the purchase of a property in Wandsworth, London, taking informed steps is paramount. At Flettons Surveyors, we bring forth our proficiency and profound understanding of the locale to help you discern the true state of your new property. Here’s a deep dive into why a building survey in Wandsworth stands pivotal:


Wandsworth is filled with a rich history and a mix of new and old buildings. We’ve been working in Wandsworth for quite some time, so we know the ins and outs of its structures. From vintage homes and modern apartments to special listed buildings, our familiarity with Wandsworth enables us to offer valuable insights.

One of our main tasks is to inspect properties for issues such as subsidence, which is when the ground starts to sink. We also keep an eye out for rot and dampness. Catching these problems early can prevent costly repairs down the line.

Throughout our time here, we’ve assisted many clients. They’ve looked into purchasing everything from historic houses and converted flats to newly built residences. During our inspections, we detect structural concerns, damp patches, woodworm, and even unauthorised alterations. Without our keen observations, buyers could have stumbled into legal hassles and unexpected expenses.

Besides the structure, we also check the inside. For instance, we assess the electrical wiring to ensure everything’s safe and current. After all, having the right information at hand is crucial. When you’re equipped with knowledge about a property’s state, it’s easier to negotiate its price, especially considering potential repair expenses. This not only potentially saves you money but also brings peace of mind.

Surveyors with Local Expertise in Wandsworth Conservation Areas

Wandsworth boasts several esteemed conservation areas. These encompass:

  • Battersea Square Conservation Area: Located around the historic Battersea Square, this area contains a number of listed buildings and maintains a village atmosphere.
  • Clapham Common Conservation Area: This covers parts of Clapham Common and the surrounding historic residential areas, reflecting the growth and significance of this part of Wandsworth.
  • Putney Embankment Conservation Area: This area covers part of the Putney Embankment and includes historic buildings and landmarks.
  • Tooting Bec Conservation Area: Situated around Tooting Bec Common, this area has a range of Edwardian and Victorian properties that represent the historic development of this part of Wandsworth.
  • West Hill Conservation Area: Located in the Putney area, it covers a portion of West Hill and showcases a blend of Victorian and Edwardian architecture.

Our familiarity with these conservation pockets ensures we’re well-versed in the nuances and mandates linked with these historic and protected domains.

Understanding Properties in Wandsworth

Wandsworth, a desirable and diverse borough in South West London, is celebrated for its eclectic mix of properties. From elegant Victorian and Edwardian terraces to contemporary apartments, the area offers a variety of housing choices. Each type of property in Wandsworth has its unique considerations, making the role of professional surveyors in Wandsworth vital.

Typical Properties in Wandsworth

  • Victorian and Edwardian Terraces: These period properties are rich in character but may also present age-related challenges.
  • Contemporary Apartments and Flats: Modern developments in Wandsworth boast the latest amenities but can encounter specific issues such as leasehold disputes.
  • Converted Spaces: Wandsworth has its share of creatively converted spaces like old warehouses, offering unique living environments but with potential layout and structural peculiarities.

Common Issues in Wandsworth Properties

  • Structural Concerns: Particularly prevalent in older buildings, concerns such as subsidence, wall fractures, or timber rot are not uncommon.
  • Damp and Mould: The British weather can contribute to damp issues, resulting in mould and affecting indoor air quality.
  • Roofing Challenges: The roofs of many terraced homes, if aged or not well-maintained, can suffer from leaks and water damage.
  • Outdated Electrical and Plumbing Systems: Especially in older Wandsworth properties, these systems may require modernisation or replacement.

How Surveyors in Wandsworth Can Assist

Our team of experienced surveyors in Wandsworth is here to support homebuyers:

  • Comprehensive Property Surveys: We conduct thorough surveys to detect any potential problems, ranging from major structural faults to minor imperfections.
  • Level 2 Surveys: Ideal for more modern properties, addressing standard concerns.
  • Level 3 Surveys: Comprehensive evaluations, particularly useful for the older, more substantial, or uniquely designed properties in Wandsworth.
  • Professional Recommendations: Our surveyors provide expert advice on:
  • Essential repairs and upkeep.
  • Estimated costs for renovations and their implications.
  • Confidence in Your Decision: Knowing the exact state of the property allows you to make an informed choice, negotiate more effectively, and plan for future maintenance needs.

Making an Informed Decision in Wandsworth

Selecting the right property in Wandsworth requires thoughtful consideration. With the expertise of our skilled surveyors in Wandsworth, you can gain the necessary insights and information for a well-informed decision, ensuring your investment is both sound and aligns with your lifestyle. Rely on our expertise to confidently navigate Wandsworth’s distinctive property landscape.


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(*If the internal floor area of the dwellinghouse exceeds 1650 sq Ft, please call for a quote.)

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FeaturesRoof ReportL2L3L3+
Inspection of residential buildings up to 1650 SqftROOF ONLY
Fixtures and fittings
Dampness and timber defects check (Check for damp and rot)
Inspection of the building services (Gas, Electrics, solar, plumbing)
Inspection of outbuildings and grounds
Environmental factors and risks (Nuisance etc.)
Health and Safety hazards and risks.
Photographs taken during survey
Inspection of the accessible drainage chambers)
Assessment of structural cracks and alterations
Building control compliance check and comments
Flood risk assessment
Hazardous materials - Visual Inspection and guidance only. (Asbestos, lead Anthrax etc.)
Subsidence risk assessment
Planning, Conservation, and Extension Feasibility Guidance
Aerial roof and chimney images£200 inc VAT
Breakdown of estimated repair costs, improvement costs and provisional costs with recommended trades.£300 inc VAT
Insurance reinstatement Valuation (Rebuild Cost)£200 inc VAT
Email summary of findings within 48 hrs.
RICS Survey in electronic format
Estimated Turnaround Time7-10 Working Days7-10 Working Days10-12 Working Days10-14 Working Days