Condition Report

Sample Condition Report.

The sample survey gives an example of the general layout of our surveys.

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Condition Report (level 1)

Giving you a concise review of the property’s condition, a Condition Report is an entry-level survey.

Is a Condition Report right for me?

You might be buying a new building, a small modern flat, or a modern house in excellent condition. A Condition Report survey will give you peace of mind when you’re not expecting to discover significant problems.

Sellers also ask us for this summary report when they want to market their property with more confidence.

A Condition Report is not suitable for older properties or more complex modern houses.

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“The report was very clear and detailed, without being overwhelming. Simon was extremely helpful in answering my follow-up questions over the phone and via email.”

Maria Azul

What will the report give me?

Less comprehensive than a level 2 or 3 survey report, your Condition Report will provide our independent surveyor’s objective view of the property. We highlight any potential defects to investigate further and help you make an informed decision.

Once you book this survey, we initially complete a desk-top study then visit the property to physically inspect key internal and external aspects such as the walls, roof, fascia boards, doors, and windows. Each component is numerically condition-rated using our easy-to-understand traffic light system – red requiring further action.

Your report gives a clear overview of the building’s condition and any issues to investigate further. It also highlights relevant legal concerns such as a breach of the building and planning legislation and boundary infringements. Your report also flags obvious risks for you to consider carefully.

We include ample photos, so you’re clear. Plus, you can chat with your surveyor directly, should you have any questions after receiving your report.

Your survey will include:

Some key points of our Level 1 Condition Report:

  • An entry-level report providing an inspection of the main building components with a numerical condition rating applied to each component.
  • Fixtures and fittings (kitchens, doors, and windows, etc.).
  • Visual Inspection of the gas, electrical installation, solar, plumbing and drainage.
  • Dampness and timber decay check.
  • Environmental factors
  • A concise report rating the condition of all components in electronic format.
  • Suitable for: Post-2000 unextended houses, flats, leasehold or freehold in seemingly good condition for dwellings including up to 1650 SqFt and unlisted buildings only. If your property is larger, call for a bespoke quote.

Still unsure? See our advice on choosing the right survey for your property.

What will my Condition Report look like?

You’ll find our reports easy to understand. We avoid complex surveyor-speak, choosing plain English instead. Plus, we’re always at the end of the phone for your final queries.

Download a sample Condition Report

How long will Condition Report take?

As it’s an overview, this is the quickest report for us to create. Having visited the property, we provide your report via email within three to five working days. You’ll want answers fast, so we work as quickly as possible.

What will a Condition Report cost?

Condition Reports start at £450 (including VAT) depending on the property’s value, structure, and configuration.

Simply complete our form quote form, and we’ll give you an instant quote, based on the building you’d like us to survey.

Typical Survey Photographs

What’s included?

  • Full inspection of the structure (lofts and basements included).
  • Inspection of the gas, electrics, solar, plumbing and drainage.
  • Dampness and timber defects check (Check for damp and rot).
  • Inspection of outbuildings and grounds.
  • Environmental Factors.
  • Condition ratings of elements.
  • A level one report in electronic format.

Get even More wIth our plus package:

  • Breakdown of estimated repairs, improvements, and provisional costs.
  • Insurance reinstatement valuation.
  • Aerial roof and chimney drone images.
  • Thermal images.
  • Extension feasibility assessment and guidance.



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