Homebuyer REPORT

Homebuyer Report

Sample RICS Homebuyer Report

The sample report gives an example of our RICS Homebuyer report.

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The level 2 homebuyer report service is for homebuyers who are seeking a professional opinion at an economical price. It is, therefore, less comprehensive than a level three service. The focus is on assessing When you want to survey a conventional, modern house in good condition and have more detail to help your big decision, choose our RICS Homebuyer Report.

Is a RICS Homebuyer Report right for me?

Should you want a thorough visual inspection and advice about repairs, this intermediate report is for you.

Choosing a RICS Homebuyer report is right if the house hasn’t already been extended or altered significantly.

We don’t recommend this report for older properties as it would probably flag more questions than answers. If you’re buying an old, altered or extended property, please choose our RICS Building Survey instead.

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“They uncovered a problem with the roof of the property I was looking to buy and saved me a lot of expense if I had gone ahead with the purchase.” Ian Walsh

What will the report give me?

Providing a thorough picture of your property, we visually inspect the main aspects of the building – internally and externally – such as walls, roof, windows, floors and doors.

Unlike our RICS Condition Report, we provide advice on the remedial work required and recommend any further investigations (should that be necessary).

Once you’ve booked your survey, we handle everything for you. Following a desk-top study, we arrange to visit your property and independently inspect it on your behalf. Your interests are always our focus.

We write your report in plain English, ensuring it’s easy to understand. And you’ll love our simple traffic light system that rates the issues we discover.

So you’re totally clear; you can chat with your surveyor directly should you have any questions after receiving your report.

Your survey will include:

  • Full inspection of the structure (including lofts and basements)
  • Assessment of fixtures and fittings (kitchen, doors, windows, etc.)
  • Visual inspection of the gas, electrics, solar and plumbing
  • Check for dampness and timber defects
  • Visual inspection of outbuildings and grounds
  • Review of environmental factors (such as flooding, pests and noise)

Still unsure? See our services page for advice on choosing the right survey for your property.

What will my RICS Homebuyer Report look like?

You’ll find our reports easy to understand. We avoid complex jargon, opting for plain English instead. Plus, we’re always on hand by phone or email for your queries.

Download a sample RICS Homebuyer Report

How long will it take?

A RICS Homebuyer Report takes a little longer to compile than a Condition Report, so expect it (via email) in seven to ten working days.

No summary report is included with this service level. However, with our level three service, we email you a summary of our findings within 48 hours of the inspection. This provides the assurance you need to make an informed decision on your purchase whilst we create your detailed report.

What will a Homebuyer Report cost?

RICS Homebuyer Reports start at £550 (including VAT), depending on the property’s value, structure, and configuration.

Simply complete our quote form below, and we’ll give you an instant quote based on the building you’d like us to survey.

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Typical Survey Photographs

What’s included?

  • Full inspection of the structure (lofts and basements included).
  • Fixtures and fittings (kitchens, doors, windows, etc.).
  • Dampness and timber check (check for dampness and rot).
  • Inspection of the gas, electrics, solar, and plumbing.
  • Inspection of the grounds
  • Inspection of outbuildings
  • A RICS level two survey report detailing defects in electronic format.


  • Breakdown of estimated repairs, improvements, and provisional costs.
  • Insurance reinstatement valuation.
  • Aerial roof and chimney drone images.
  • Thermal images.
Homebuyer Report


Homebuyer Report


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