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Sample RICS Building
Survey + Report

The sample RICS building survey gives an example of the general layout of the level 3+ survey. Get the level 3+ and get a reinstatement valuation, summary of repair costs, and aerial & thermal images.

*The sample report will be automatically downloaded onto your device.


Whether your property is old or new, choosing our RICS Building Survey provides the most in-depth inspection, ensuring your investment is justified.

Is an RICS Building Survey right for me?

You’re making the biggest purchase in your life. Knowing exactly what you’re buying avoids expensive surprises.

Our RICS Building Survey suits both new and old properties. We always recommend it for older homes as they’re more likely to have defects to put right. However, a newer house can also present problems that must be addressed and this report provides ample advice.

A Building Survey is also ideal if you intend to alter or extend your new home. For example, we assess the loft construction, should you be looking to convert it.

You’ll understand exactly what you’re buying.

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 “I was able to directly contact my property surveyor via WhatsApp. This was extremely convenient and allowed for quick answers to any queries I had while at work rather than having to get hold of someone on the phone.” Steven Mains

 What will the report give me?

Working to stringent RICS standards, we carry out desk research plus an in-depth visual inspection of every accessible area. We also suggest potential hidden defects in areas not inspected (such as certain types of underground drainage).

  • We suggest the most likely cause for each defect found
  • We detail how to put it right, explaining what could happen if you don’t
  • We recommend where you can find suitable tradespeople to do the work

Your report will be incredibly detailed and include plenty of photos. And yet, it’ll be easy to understand, written in plain English. We rate defects and recommendations with our user-friendly traffic light system. Your priorities are clear to see.

Many people reference their Building Survey report for years after moving in. It tells you exactly what to focus on to improve your home.

Working to get you answers swiftly, we arrange a property visit once you instruct us. You’ll receive an email summary of that inspection within 48 hours too. And you can always contact your surveyor directly. There’s no need to be worried with unanswered questions.

Your survey will include:

  • A full inspection of the building (lofts, basements and permanent outbuildings included) giving advice on materials use, repairs, and maintenance
  • Inspection of the gas, electrical, solar, plumbing and drainage
  • Fixtures and fittings (kitchens, doors, and windows, etc.)
  • Building control compliance check and commentary for all structural alterations
  • Extension feasibility assessment and guidance
  • Dampness and timber decay check (woodworm and rot)
  • Hazardous materials commentary (Asbestos, lead and anthrax etc.)
  • Subsidence risk assessment
  • Flood risk assessment
  • Environmental factors
  • Extension guidance (loft conversions and rear extensions)
  • A full comprehensive report detailing all repairs and remedial action in electronic format
  • Breakdown of estimated costs and along with recommended trades· 
  • Aerial drone images for a closer look at roofs, chimneys, and the surrounding area
  • Thermal imaging of the building envelope to visualise heatloss and dampness
  • Reinstatement valuation.

The Level 3 – Standard Survey

Still unsure? See our advice on choosing the right survey for your property.

You can also upgrade your RICS Building Survey with some (or all) of our Plus Package.

  • Thermal images to understand heat loss, solar gain, and damp
  • Aerial drone photos to investigate the roof condition fully
  • Cost estimations of remedial work to support negotiations
  • Rebuild valuation for insurance purposes

What will my RICS Building Survey look like?

All our reports are easy to read. No complicated surveyor language, just English you’ll understand. And to further support you, we’re happy to arrange a follow-up phone chat.

Download a sample RICS Building Survey

How long will my RICS Building Survey take?

The most comprehensive survey available, we take more time over our property inspection and creating your report. Expect to receive your Building Survey report within 10 working days.

We’ll also email you within 48 hours of our inspection to ensure you have a summary of findings to hand. We know having the facts is important at such a stressful time.

What will a Building Survey (level 3) cost?

RICS Building Survey reports start at £850 (including VAT) depending on the property’s value, structure, and configuration.

Simply complete our form below, and we’ll give you an instant quote, based on the building you’d like us to survey.

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Typical Survey Photographs

Typical Survey Photographs

What’s included?

  • Full inspection of the structure and structural stability.
  • Inspection of the building services (Gas, Electrics, solar, plumbing and accessible drainage chamber).
  • Hazardous materials check (Asbestos, lead and Anthrax etc. – Visual only).
  • Building control compliance check and comments.
  • Dampness and timber defects check (Check for damp and rot)
  • Inspection of outbuildings and grounds
  • Environmental Factors (Nuisance etc.).
  • Flood risk assessment.
  • Subsidence risk assessment.
  • Email summary of findings within 48 working hrs.
  • Images taken during the survey.
  • A RICS level three survey report detailing all defects in electronic format.
  • Turnaround time 10-12 working days.


  • Breakdown of estimated repair, improvements, and provisional costs.
  • Insurance reinstatement valuation.
  • Aerial roof and chimney drone images.
  • Thermal images.
  • Extension feasibility assessment and guidance.
LEVEL 3 PLUS package photo.

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