Building Surveyor inspecting window frame.


Buying a property is an exciting and significant investment. However, it can also be a complex and potentially risky process, especially if you are not familiar with the ins and outs of the property market. One essential step in the property buying process is to hire a building surveyor. In this article, we will discuss why you need a building surveyor when buying a property.

Purchasing a home in London, Kent, or Surrey? Here’s why you need a building surveyor.

Stepping into the property world is thrilling. Yet, it’s vital to be careful. Like any major journey, buying a home comes with its ups and downs. One crucial step you mustn’t skip? Getting a building survey.

Benefits of using a Building Surveyor?

  1. Spot Hidden Problems: Not all issues are visible. A building surveyor examines your property from top to bottom. They’ll check walls, roofs, floors, and more. They’ll uncover hidden damages, like dampness or wear and tear.
  2. Save Money: Spotting problems early can save you a lot in the future. Knowing any issues helps you negotiate a better property price too.
  3. Stay Safe: Every property must follow certain rules for safety and the environment. A building surveyor ensures your dream home ticks every box.
  4. Plan Ahead: A good building surveyor advises on repairs and maintenance. This way, you know what to expect in the future, keeping your home in top shape.

Now, let’s dive deeper. There are two main survey levels: Level 2 and Level 3. Which one fits your needs? (Watch our which survey video)

Level 2 Survey: Quick Overview

  • What is it? Perfect for modern properties in fair condition.
  • Coverage: A quick look to highlight key issues, like dampness.
  • Advantages: It’s faster, simpler, and pocket-friendly.

Level 3 Survey: Deep Dive

  • What is it? A detailed survey for older homes or ones with clear problems.
  • Coverage: A thorough check, leaving no corner unchecked.
  • Advantages: Best for heritage properties or if you’re thinking of big changes.

Making the Choice:

For newer homes in London, Kent, or Surrey, Level 2 might be enough. But if you sense any issues or the property has a special past, Level 3 is better. It gives peace of mind, ensuring you know every detail.

Final Thoughts:

Your home-buying journey is unique. The right survey makes it smooth. Our London-based building surveying practice is here for you. Our findings are clear, making it easy for everyone—even if English isn’t your first language.

Remember, with every home, we offer clarity. Concerned about possible problems? Reach out for a quote or ring us at 02036910451, or you can even check out our FAQs. Your dream home awaits; let’s ensure it’s perfect.

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