Eunice Moss

In early June this year, I decided to buy a flat in a Grade II Listed Building. Looking up firms in Local Surveyors Direct, I contacted a few and Flettons Facilities Management Ltd were the first to respond. They were friendly and very helpful which was a relief as it’s been a long time since I’ve had anything to do with surveys. Upon receiving my full building survey report, I sent them an email with follow-up questions and Simon Hanchard of Flettons responded by return. I then had to ask further questions and again, he replied very promptly. I’m totally happy. The full building survey report was comprehensive and jargon free enough for a layperson to understand comfortably.

It was neither the cheapest nor the most expensive of the quotes I received. The service was definitely value for money.
Professionalism: Yes, definitely. I do thoroughly recommend Flettons and in particular, Yoanna and Simon.