Level 3 Plus Package

When you ask us to complete an RICS Building Survey, you can opt for further investigations, ensuring you’re fully informed before making your purchase decision.

These additional services often help provide important evidence or strengthen your price negotiations. Most importantly, they give you peace of mind and a complete picture of your new home or investment.
Get all four add-ons for only £550 or you can purchase individually.
Add-ons only available with Level 3 Building Survey.

Aerial photos £200 (including VAT)

The roof is a significant part of any property. Defects can be costly and impact the structure of the building. Yet, surveyors have an incredibly restricted view from the ground.

Using our Civil Aviation Authority licensed pilot and registered drone, we provide high-resolution aerial photos of your roof and the surrounding area.

Flying up to 400 feet (120 metres), we’ll have a bird’s eye view to assess features such as chimney stacks, roof construction, flat rooves, guttering, and fascia boards.

In a densely populated area, our aerial photos also clarify the make-up of your immediate area – ideal for spotting potential problems you can’t see from the ground.

As a leaseholder, you should also investigate the roof carefully. Problems can be costly, and you’ll be jointly liable. Drone photos help you avoid nasty surprises.

Reinstatement valuation (rebuild cost) £200 (including VAT)

When you insure your new property, you’ll be asked for a reinstatement valuation or rebuild cost. This is the amount it would cost to rebuild your house.

Without an accurate figure, you might have insufficient insurance cover should something terrible ever happen – such as a fire or collapse.

Whilst completing your RICS Building Survey, we can determine an accurate reinstatement value for your property so you have the correct information to hand.

Estimated repair costs £300 (including VAT)

Being aware of defects and potential problems is one thing. Knowing what they’ll cost to put right is another.

Ask us to estimate the costs. You’ll have a document to help property price negotiations. Plus, you can budget for work you’ll carry out having purchased.

We list our estimated costs in a table within your Building Survey report, prioritized by the severity of the defect. We also provide resources to help you find recommended tradespeople to complete the work.

Have a costed and clear path forward to address defects and suggested improvements to your property.

TYPICAL Plus PACKAGE Photographs


We have a variety of survey types suitable for both houses and flats. Check out our range below: