Image of a double glazed window being opened.


Double-glazed windows offer enhanced durability, usually serving homeowners well for 20 to 35 years, subject to various determining factors:

Material Quality: Opting for superior-quality components, such as advanced glass and resilient frames, guarantees extended window longevity compared to their inferior counterparts.

Installation: The window’s lifespan hinges significantly on its correct installation. Engaging a FENSA-approved contractor is vital, as they meet the industry standards. Inadequate installation can pave the way for air and water leaks or even warping, slashing the windows’ lifespan.

Maintenance Regime: Periodic upkeep, encompassing frame cleaning and gap sealing, is key to prolonging your double-glazed windows’ life.

Local Climate: The environment, be it extreme temperatures, heightened humidity, or exposure to severe weather, can influence the duration your windows last.

Usage Frequency: Windows subjected to frequent operation or intense stress might depreciate quicker.

When maintained properly and installed by FENSA-approved professionals, double-glazed windows can endure for up to 35 years, offering homeowners the perks of energy efficiency, acoustic insulation, and an elevated property value.

It’s noteworthy that double-glazed windows from the 1980s were not equipped with the energy-saving prowess of today’s versions. Here’s why:

Glass Evolution: 1980s double glazing did not employ the cutting-edge glass techniques of today. Contemporary versions use low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings, which bounce heat into the room, mitigating heat escape.

Gas Content: Today’s double-glazed units are packed with insulating gases like argon or krypton, unlike the conventional air in older units.

Frame Composition: Past variants typically featured aluminium frames, which don’t insulate as efficiently as today’s vinyl, fibreglass, or composite frames.

Seal Efficacy: Seals in older models weren’t as adept at thwarting air ingress, undercutting the window’s insulating capacity.

Although dated double-glazed windows surpass single-glazed ones in energy conservation, modern iterations are leagues ahead in efficiency. Modernizing to today’s double-glazed windows can amplify energy savings, uplifting your home’s comfort and market value.

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