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Building Survey Reports: Identifying Different Types of Dampness

Dampness and timber decay are among the most prevalent issues in properties, posing both financial implications and challenges in securing loans. Flettons, with its vast expertise, emphasizes the significance of comprehending the multiple forms of dampness and their potential impact on property value.

Understanding Various Damp Types:

  1. Rising Damp: This arises when moisture ascends through masonry, usually due to a faulty or absent damp-proof course. Addressing this can incur costs of up to £750 per meter.
  2. Salt Damp: Often mistaken for other damp types, salt damp stems from hygroscopic contaminants within plaster or masonry. Its sources include ground contamination or fossil fuel combustion. Recognizing salt dampness is vital since it’s typically simpler to address. However, less diligent contractors might misdiagnose it, leading to needless, hefty expenditures.
  3. Condensation Damp: Caused by elevated indoor humidity levels, this results from factors such as increased moisture activities, insufficient ventilation, and heating practices. It can lead to mould – a Category 1 hazard under the HHSRS – and issues like rotting window frames and skirtings.
  4. Interstitial Damp: This damp type is found in enclosed cavities (walls, roofs, or floors) and results from moisture sources like rainwater, groundwater, or leaking pipes, combined with poor ventilation. Such dampness can lead to expensive secondary issues like mould, woodworm, and corrosion.
  5. Penetrating Damp: Directly linked to rainwater intrusion, Flettons ensures a thorough check of roof and window abutments during our surveys to gauge this damp risk.

Why Flettons?

Buying a property entails numerous considerations. With Flettons’ profound experience, we preemptively address potential issues, ensuring you make informed decisions. Our level three surveys particularly offer insights on combatting risks associated with condensation and interstitial dampness.

Secure Your Property’s Health Today

Ensure your property stands the test of time without hidden damp issues lurking beneath. Avail Flettons’ comprehensive survey now! For an instant quote, use our quote calculator or reach out at 0203 691 0451.

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